Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Live: A Week at the Bridge E16 (1978 Bridge House Records)

This week's episode of Metal Lessons Radio is focusing on metal clubs. I will be on briefly, though I did not record an official segment of The Keir Factor for this show. Anyway, I thought I'd do a quick review of this album which was recorded live at a rather famous English pub. The album consists of one full length LP and one 12" record with 3 tracks on it, and was released in a gatefold sleeve.

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Most of the music is blues rock or classic rock covers, but there are two bands which stand out. First is Dennis Stratton's old band, Remus Down Boulevard. Sounding a bit like Thin Lizzy, it is not exactly NWOBHM (call it proto-NWOBHM if you will). There is an interesting interview with Dennis here where he talks about this album and his days with Remus Down Boulevard. Iron Maiden played at The Bridge House many times from 1976 – 1979 (despite what Dennis says in the interview) and Steve Harris used to go there to watch RDB play. That is how he met Dennis and asked him to join the band. Listening to these two tracks with their excellent guitar harmonies and solos, it is easy to hear why.

The other, less interesting, band are the Roll Ups who feature Lea Hart (later of Fastway) on vocals. They play a funky brand of 70s hard rock that reminds me a bit of Angel. Here is the complete tracklist:

1-1. Roll Ups – "Everybody's Gotta Have a Hero"
1-2. S.A.L.T. – "It Hurts Me Too"
1-3. S.A.L.T. – "Hipshake"
1-4. Filthy McNasty – "Move Over"
1-5. Filthy McNasty – "Fire Down Below"
1-6. Gerry McAvoy Jam – "Walking in the Sun"
1-7. Remus Down Boulevard – "Only for You"
1-8. Filthy McNasty – "Can't Get Next to You"
1-9. Roll Ups – "Hand Shandy"
2-1. Jackie Lynton's Happy Days – "You Don’t Have to Pay"
2-2. Gerry McAvoy Jam – "Walkin’ the Dog"
2-3. Remus Down Boulevard – "Gunrunner"

Available Formats: Originally vinyl only, reissued on CD (and still available from The Bridge House online store).

Value: $20-30

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Terence Murphy said...

thank you for review nice to know all these years later the live at the bridge album,is still being talk about ,and i might add sold on our web site,I Am Terry Murphy the owner of Bridge house records and the Bridge house Pub,and the producer of the album,this was the first of many other Album we produced with bands
Chis Thompson of Manfred Mann fame is on ,and co produced the album