Monday, January 7, 2008


While I work on putting together my first review, here is a summary of how the reviews will look.

Title (Year Label): The album title, year of release and record label, obviously.

Pictures: I will include pictures of at least the front and back of the outer sleeve, and anything else I think might be of interest (inserts, center labels, etc.)

Review: First I will give a review of the album as a whole as well as any pertinent background information. This will be followed by a track-by-track review. For albums where only 1 or 2 tracks are of interest (the rest being album versions or non-metal songs) I will review those songs in the main review portion, followed by a simple track listing.

Available Formats: Here I will attempt to list all available formats (LP, CD, cassette) and any reissues I am aware of, with close attention given to any differences between formats.

Value: An estimated value in US dollars will be given for each format. Values are based partly on eBay,, GEMM, online dealer lists and Martin Popoff’s Heavy Metal Record Price Guide. I take into account the fact that most dealers’ prices are very high and the end result mostly comes down to my own personal experience. The item is assumed to be used and in VG to NM condition (based on the Goldmine Grading System for records). I also assume some effort and patience on the part of the buyer to get the lowest price possible.

If you’re reading this and wondering how the soundfiles will fit in, I’m sorry to disappoint you but there won’t be any. Without getting into a debate over the ethics or filesharing, as a collector I feel that being able to hear any album with a few clicks of a mouse really takes away a lot of the fun of the hobby. If you disagree and want to download an album I’ve reviewed here then by all means go find it, just don’t ask me. Thanks,


Friday, January 4, 2008


Compilation albums are far too often overlooked by heavy metal fans and collectors alike. They are a great, and often inexpensive, way to get rare and exclusive tracks by obscure bands. I hope to expose some of these overlooked gems in this blog. I will also give details on which tracks are exclusive or differ from album versions and any other useful information I may have.

What genres will I cover? Everything from melodic rock to black metal, but the focus will mainly be on my favorite genres which are NWOBHM, power metal and good old fashioned heavy metal.

From what time period? Primarily 80s metal, but don't be surprised to see some albums from the early 90s or even late 70s.

When will I post? That's a good question! I'd love to be able to post a new album every week, but due to time constraints, this may my last post. Let's hope not.