Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Updates of the Decade

Been really busy lately so I've fallen behind on posting the latest updates.

Many more radio comps from me:
97 Underground: The Beast From The East… Vol. 1
KNAC: Pure Rock
KNAC Presents: Son of Pure Rock
WCMF 96: Rochester's Homegrown Bands
WCMF 96: Homegrown 2
WCMF 96: Homegrown 3
WCMF 96: Homegrown 4
WCMF 96.5: Homegrown 5
WCMF 96.5: Homegrown VI

Some Swedish mixed comps from Dan:
Mixed Music For Lonely Nights
Pang I Bygget
Rock Beast
Skånsk Rock 3
Weine Wräk's Poporkester/Östgötarock

A Rather Nasty Dream On Papplewick Pond
Heavy Metal Force 1
Lethal Noise
Metalmania 88
Metalmania 89
Raging Death

And one guest review from Rob Preston:
American Underground

Have a happy new year!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog.

Check out my site and see if you would be up for trading Blog Roll links.

I suspect we are sharing the same readers.

*I will do some crate digging as I have 100's of metal comps. on vinyl from the 80's.

Rock On!

Curt King
Demolish Metal Mag.

Keir said...

Very cool blog! Shame your zine never got off the ground. I added you to my links.

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